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• The ATSB has indicated that either engine could possibly relight from their tank’s residual gas as being the aircraft Perspective modifications. In the appropriate’s case that might be throughout the tank suction by-pass place starting to be immersed in residual fuel, which could take place in a pitch adjust.

You can find quite a few variations and reorganizations while in the paper. The another thing that stood out is that the new Fig. eight, which overplots every one of the startup transients shifted to align with one another, is quite diverse within the former Variation.

BTW…from a pilot’s point of view…if I planned to make an plane go down rapidly, I wouldn't basically push the stick ahead. I would roll the plane inverted and pull back again over the stick (typical split S maneuver except you don’t comprehensive the half loop).

I’m just being essential. I’ve read through quite a lot of other drift-analyzis over time. Your way is not the only way.

Victor, re “However, in my humble belief, a pilot working with an crisis would keep near to a suitable airport, and descend and land. The pilot of MH370 did not descend under cruise altitude as the plane approached Penang, and after that the plane flew far from it.”

I’m continue to considering about the Bizarre condition of Damaged Ridge from the context of Shah and his damaged spine within the para-gliding incident.

The curiosity of Malaysia, for a govt, or as a country, would to my intellect be to generate up for reputational hurt arising from your incident, together with international relations, and its much less-than-excellent management (some could possibly speculate which was The entire stage with the disappearance). For the government it'd protected an election gain.

In my see, the target was to get rid of the aircraft in the course of nowhere. If there is nothing specific at 40S100E, or for miles all around, then it is definitely in the middle of nowhere. A pilot who Beforehand examined gas range and endurance to 45S104E on his house simulator, would recognize that that 40S100E was past the gas array and Look At This endurance on seventh/8th March 2014.

Griffin states though these photos have been out there all together, the focus was to the southern research location, and when the decision was designed to look to a lot more northerly scenarios, the ATSB requested to re-take a look at them in large resolution — a slow method.

Another situation I lifted relative to BTO bias consistency must also be validated. If your SDU is repeatably powered on and off, could be the BTO bias often exactly the same?

I disagree with the two you and Victor on that time. The circumstance might have an important impact on the lookup spot.

David states: January 9, 2018 at 3:04 am @ALSM, Victor, Mick Gilbert. You should let me join this discussion even if of obscure import. The flaperon moves down and aft. If it didn't move aft the cove lip doorway would not very clear it and Also there might be no horizontal gap between the flaperon and the top in the wing.

She is now powering east over the Indian Ocean toward latitude 35°S, the area exactly where many of the specialists gathered in London say they important link Imagine MH370 has to be lying, north with the previous research space, at a depth of Probably 5 or 6 kilometres.

The one positive assertion I do know of that arrives close is definitely the statement the ATSB made about the outboard flap that it had been most likely retracted when it seperated. Which is not a conclusive assertion both.

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